Memories of My First Truck

I woke up one morning to find my dad had pulled up in a new Dodge Dakota, and it was all mine. Oh it was a beauty in its dark blue color and the novelty Air Force license plates on the front and back end of the truck. The interior was black with the most comfortable seats you’ll expect in a truck. The stereo system had a CD player; which was all the rage. It had a spacious back area where you could put some of your friends in if you were going to go somewhere. The best feature about it was the AC. In not one truck I have been in, or for that matter even a car; has the AC been so cold! I got behind the wheel only to discover that it was a standard shift, and I could not drive a standard shift yet. For the longest time it just was parked in the driveway until I could successfully drive it around without stalling in a intersection and not knowing what to do, I got my “ability” at least five months after I got the truck. royal cargo

When that day came, just like any kid at that age just wants to drive and drive until they run out of gas, so that’s literally what I did. I ended up calling AAA to bring me some gas so I could drive to a gas station. Trucks are very useful in anyone’s life because of their usefulness to carry pretty much anything of size or weight at Home Depot or Lowes. It is difficult to put a new grill in the back of your Camry isn’t it? I’ve owned trucks my entire life, they’re an American Icon! They should live on whether or not they get 15 MPG. Now I have a F-150 but I still love and miss my old Dodge that was totaled by the next owner. This was my favorite and the by far best truck I ever owned, and probably will own.